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PortLink provides innovative, modular and proven solutions for the Maritime Industry including Port Management Information Systems (PMIS), Vessel Traffic Monitoring Systems (VTMS) and more.


PortLink Solutions

The PortLink PMIS is a modular application designed to facilitate the planning and management of port operations.  The port industry is a competitive business and with an advanced, flexible PMIS, ports are able to get a competitive advantage in terms of customer service, stakeholder engagement and overall operational efficiency.  PortLink’s PMIS allows users and stakeholders in the port community to exchange information in a timely manner, eliminate redundant data entry and automate workflows.


PortLink’s PMIS is a fully customizable solution. Our experience has confirmed the saying – Once you have seen one port, you have seen ONE port. We understand that each port operates in a slightly different way, has different policies, procedures, workflows, etc. This is why each implementation is customized to meet user’s specific and unique requirements. 


PortLink’s solution provides users with an intelligent and comprehensive, yet, user-friendly system for all aspects of port operations including scheduling, berth management, vessel visits, service requests, resource management and more.

The PMIS is modular allowing systems to customized. Below are a few of the modules:


  • Berth Management

  • Current Traffic

  • Anchorage Management

  • Pilot / Tug Management

  • Resource Management

  • Reports

  • Vessel Visit Management

  • Stakeholder Portal

  • Billing Management

  • Incident Management

  • Marine Event Management

  • VTS Integration

  • Real-Time Traffic Display

  • More



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PortLink Solutions

The Maritime Environment is dynamic and in a constant state of change. The task of providing safe and secure waterways for efficient vessel movements can be an intimidating and sometimes overwhelming task. Maritime Authorities must be able to quickly sift through large amounts of data and discriminate between normal activates and potential threats. To do this, operators require an intelligent system that can seamlessly layer multiple real-time sensor feeds into a single-window display. 


PortLink’s Maritime Information Management System (MIMS) system provides a valuable 24/7, real-time tool that layers surveillance and observation sensors along with integrated 3rd-party applications (eg. 96-hour notice of arrival (NOA) system, access control, video surveillance, etc.) into a single-window, user-friendly display for enhanced situational awareness. This enhancement assists users in make informed, real-time decisions that can lead to the mitigation of threats and/or incidents, increased safety of life at sea, safety of navigation, efficiency of vessel traffic movement, protection of the marine environment and maintain a high-level of maritime security. 

The MIMS is modular allowing systems to customized. Below are a few of the modules:

  • PMIS

  • Vessel Traffic Display

  • Sensor Integration (Radar, AIS, Camera, etc.)

  • Reports/KPI's

  • Gate Automation

  • Access Control

  • Video Surveillance

  • Machine Learning (Abnormal Behaviour)

  • Fleet Management

  • Incident Management

  • Smart Lighting Management

  • Stakeholder Portal

  • Traffic Analysis Tools (Heat Maps, etc.)

  • More


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