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PortLink awarded prestigious
Tanger Med Port Authority SMART port project

We are very proud to announce that PortLink and Wärtsilä Voyage have partnered with Tanger Med Port Authority, the largest Mediterranean and African container port, to take a new step forward in global port efficiency by delivering a new cutting-edge Port Management Information System. Read more at

geelong port.jpg

PortLink awarded contract to supply Victorian Regional Channels Authority (VRCA) with PMIS and VTMIS 

PortLink is excited to announce we have been awarded the contract to supply VRCA with our state-of-the-art enterprise Port Management Information System (PMIS).


VRCA manages the commercial navigation in the port waters of Geelong and Hastings and also oversees channel management for the Port of Portland. VRCA is responsible for the safe and efficient movement of shipping in port waters, providing direction and control of ships' movement, maintaining shipping channels and navigation aids.

PortLink, in collaboration with Marico Marine, will deliver our advanced PMIS and innovative GIS map solution that will be customized to the specific requirements of VRCA.


PortLink awarded TasPorts VTMIS project to provide Vessel Traffic Monitoring for eleven Ports under TasPorts 

PortLink is excited to be working in partnership with Kordia to supply TasPorts with our innovative, web-based Vessel Traffic Management Information System (VTMIS). 

TasPorts is responsible for eleven (11) Tasmanian ports, and PortLink’s VTMIS will provide real-time maritime domain awareness for each of the ports and surrounding coastline. 

As an island state, Tasmania is reliant upon shipping, port infrastructure and port operations to sustain their communities and economy. Each year 99% of the State’s freight moves through TasPorts’ multi-port network. PortLink is privileged to be awarded such a prestigious project and to be working with the great team at TasPorts to fine-tune our solution to meet existing and future operational needs.


PortLink to supply web-based VTMIS for Falmouth Harbour Commissioners 

Falmouth Harbour Commissioners have the task of managing the 3rd deepest natural harbour in the world. Strategically placed on the UK’s Western approaches the port has a bright future as one of the premier ports on the south coast of the UK. PortLink is excited to be supplying our web-based VTMIS to assist in maintaining maritime domain awareness.


Pacific Pilotage Authority award PortLink prestigious contract for  "Next Generation" solution.

We are thrilled to announce that the Pacific Pilotage Authority has awarded PortLink a contract to supply the next generation web-based Pilot Dispatch, Accounting & Management System (PDAMS). 

PortLink is indeed very proud to continue working in partnership with the PPA and deliver on their vision for the next-generation dispatch, management and accounting.


PortLink to provide the Port of Açu with Brazil's first SMART Port Solution

PortLink is excited to be working with Wärtsilä to deliver Brazil’s first Smart Port Solution. 

Porto do Açu “The Port of Opportunities,” is an innovative, forward-looking organization that was looking for a solution provider who could meet existing and future needs. 

The web-based solution being commissioned by the PortLink/Wärtsilä team will be a first of its kind deployed in Brazil and will digitize several areas of operations leading to enhanced operational efficiency, advanced Business Intelligence, and much more. The community portal will allow information to be exchanged with port stakeholders and set the foundation for the next phase which includes E-Navigation initiatives including a Port Community System.

NZ Gov.png

PortLink parters with Kordia to provide Coastal Maritime Domain Awareness Solution in New Zealand

PortLink is excited to announce it has partnered with Kordia to provide a coastal MDA solution in New Zealand. PortLink is to provide a multi-stakeholder solution that combines sensor data and intelligence to provide real-time maritime domain awareness.


PortLink to supply Callao Port Authority with PMIS in collaboration with strategic partners Wärtsilä 

PortLink is proud to be selected to be part of the Port of Callao's (Peru) modernization project which includes a Wärtsilä VTS and PortLink PMIS. The Port of Callao is the first port in Peru to deploy a SMART port solution and we are pleased to be part of the process.


PortLink awarded Foyle Port PMIS project

PortLink is excited to announce it was awarded the PMIS project for Foyle Port. Foyle Port is the key marine gateway to the North West of Ireland for both commerce and tourism and offers a diverse range of services. The PortLink system will assist the Port to maximize efficiency by automating processes and streamlining stakeholder data entry and commiunications.

Tanger Ville.jpg

PortLink PMIS selected for Tanger-Ville project

PortLink has partnered with Elman Srl. to provide the Port of Tanger Ville with our latest Port Management Information System.   The Port of Tanger Ville is  primary marine gateway for tourism and a critical part of the local economy. With over 1.2 million passengers passing through the Port annually this make Tanger-Ville Port one of the busiest Port’s in the region.


PortLink provides Coastal AIS sensors for Puerto Rico

PortLink is pleased to work with local partners Fortress Maritime to provide Coastal AIS sensors for Puerto Rico.  The network will provide information on all AIS equipped vessels within the coastal Puerto Rico waters.  This is the first phase of providing enhances maritime domain awareness.


PortLink provides solution for the World's largest Pilotage Authority

PortLink is pleased to be working with the Pacific Pilotage Authority to supply our Maritime Information Management System (MIMS).  The system features an innovative and modular platform that incorporates the latest in technological advances including machine learning, integration with 3rd party applications and a user-friendly, single-window display. 


PortLink's customers continue to drive system innovation 

The Marine Environment is dynamic and in a constant state of change. This is also true about the technology that supports our vibrant industry. The innovation incorporate into the PortLink system is constantly being driven by our clients.  Vancouver-Fraser Port Authority (Largest Port in Canada) is one such client that continues to drive such innovation. 

Dover ferry port _1.jpg

PortLink PMIS selected for Europe's busiest Ferry Port

PortLink is proud to have been selected to supply the Port Management Information System for the Port of Dover.  With over 120 vessel movements per-day the PMIS is a critical component of Ports operations and the efficient movement of vessel traffic between the UK and France.  Being selected for a project of this importance highlights the reputation the PortLink PMIS has as an innovative, reliable application.

hhla barge.jpg

PortLink announces new Barge Monitoring "turn-key" solution

PortLink is pleased to announce we have a solution that combines robust hardware and an intuitive display for monitoring the position of barges.  The barge monitoring solution can be added as a module for existing PortLink system users or as a stand-along "turn-key" solution.  


PortLink has been providing customized solutions for the Maritime Industry for over ten years.  With projects ranging from Port Management Information Systems to Coastal Surveillance we have the experience and technology to assist increase safety, security, environmental stewardship and operational efficiency.   



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